Global Rehab Center is situated at the Model Town, Lahore with aim of providing treatment & Rehabilitation to the patients suffering from different types of drug addiction diseases & disorders. It provides advanced extensive physiological and psychological assessment along its management. Both In and Out-patient services are available.

The whole process is carried out by Global Rehab Team of trained experts involving medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, nurses etc. Experts provide Free Suggestion/advice regarding drug addiction. In depth, detailed assessment of the drug addiction problem both on medical as well as on psychological level is carried out with advanced testing equipment.

Complete medical Treatment of drug addiction is carried out by our experts with advance medicines, best care and living facilities as per the guidelines of UNODC & WHO. It is the first rehab Center of Pakistan which also works on the personal development & growth of the patients as well. The patients are taught to maintain a healthy life style and carry it out in their daily life. Courses/diplomas are offered to them as well.