GWO a project by Dr Zafar Iqbal Mian was initiated in 1998 with a dream to bring change in society and today he proved it. GWO  is actively working to promote peace, culture, Health and education which is indeed a part of GWO vision . GWO has been active in public education with a focus on peace, Anti-Narcotics, human rights, Health, Eye Care, Social Awareness, sustainable development as well as providing humanitarian assistance and promoting interfaith harmony and cooperation.

Each domain of GWO operates independently, and programs of socially engaged activities are developed in line with local priorities and expertise. In addition to activities as an organization, taken at the local and national, GWO emphasizes the empowerment of its individual members to play an active and contributing role in society. Central to this approach is the philosophy of “human revolution,” whereby a deep inner-motivated change within a single individual’s life is seen as impacting the destiny of a nation and the world.