Global Welfare Organization is determined to improve overall quality of life, or in other words to rehabilitate the society and develop and empower socio-economic, environmentally protected and vigorous society by eradicating it from poverty, illiteracy, hazardous diseases especially addiction and eye disorders by keeping in mind the gender, social, cultural and economic sensitivities.

Philosophical Basis

  • GWO’s activities are based on the following key elements of cultural philosophy:
  • Belief in the dignity of life: All people inherently possess a life-state of ultimate dignity and in this sense are fundamentally equal and have limitless potential.
  • The interconnectedness of all life: The lack of awareness of the interrelatedness and inseparability of one’s own life and those of others—human or otherwise—can be attributed to justifying discriminatory attitudes and destructive behavior toward others and the environment.
  • Reflection, dialogue and Anti-Narcotics: Inner reflection enables us to feel the suffering of others as our own. Through dialogue, we aim to join with others in a mutual stand against Drugs and the taking of life.