Aims and objectives

  • Attainment by all people of the highest possible level of health.
  • To foster activities in the field of mental health, especially those affecting the harmony of human relations.
  • These objectives and functions of Global Welfare Organization (GWO) are at the core of our commitment to mental and physical health promotion.
  • Prevention of mental disorders and promotion of mental health are distinct but overlapping aims. Many of the interventions discussed in this Report are also relevant for prevention. However, the scope of promotion as well as the target audience is considered much wider for mental health promotion.
  • Camps and seminars
  • GWO in collaboration with GRC and GPI organized more than 240 free camps to help people understand and address their psychological issues.
  • Courses –Professional Workshops
  • Global Professional Institute offers variety of courses/programs/workshops in order to provide quality technical knowledge for all health and mental health professionals. Since 2015 GPI have conducted more than 50 workshops.